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23.11 2012 19:08:30

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Darya Pichugina quoted on economics

The Voronezh-based Tatyana group will invest RUB 550 million in the construction of a bakery in the Semiluki district in the Voronezh region.  The designed capacity is 100 tons of baked products per day.

Investcafe analyst Darya Pichugina says, ‘In 2011, the region produced 90,000 tons of bread, or 3.8 kilos per capita, compared with the 4.8 kg per capita baked in the Tambov region.’  It was noted in 2010 that the region, with bread production of 100,000 tons, needed about 290,000 tons of bread annually. The analyst refers to the planned local production expansion as a reasonable move.  

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