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30.11 2012 16:13:39

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Andrey Shenk quoted on transportation

The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry has presented the government with a list of measures to stimulate the purchase of domestically-made aircraft.

According to Investcafe analyst Andrei Shenk, the need to subsidize the lease of domestically-made aircraft was brought about by the lag of Russian-made airplanes behind their Western-made counterparts on a price/operating efficiency ratio. 

‘At least, prior to the production of Sukhoi Superjets, the Russian civil aviation had a poor price-to-quality ratio, which is the reason why the industry favored and continues to prefer Western-made aircraft. The comparative analysis of Tu and Boeing aircraft shows that the latter have a large passenger capacity and fuel efficiency and for this reason, Tu aircraft often saddled airlines with losses, - notes the analyst. – Aware of this, subsidy rates were set, which made the aircraft competitive.’   

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